Glacier Heli Hike &

off-road Combo


A combo package for the ultimate adventurer......

Helicopter flight onto the stunning Franz Josef glacier. Explore glacial terrain on a 2-hour professionally guided hike and an amazing 2-hour off-road adventure tour.


Heli Hike

A first-hand exploration of a glacier by chopper, seeing only what experienced mountaineers can reach is a wilderness experience you’ll never forget.  

From our Franz Josef Village base, you’ll fly up to the Franz Josef Glacier in the Westland National Park. You’ll land on a section of this 12km long glacier where we’ve made a daily safety assessment of the conditions on this fast-moving ice flow. Equipped with glacier boots and crampons you’ll walk for two hours amongst the ice formations and pinnacles and see first-hand the extraordinary colours of the ice-flow. Touch the ice, breathe in the fresh air.

We team up with Franz Josef Glacier Guides who have been taking visitors over this epic icefall terrain since 1990 and can trace their heritage back 100 years. They have an immaculate safety record, rigid assessments and using quality equipment, your safety and enjoyment are taken care of. 


Off-Road Adventure Tour 

Come explore our ancient rainforest and glacier river beds, splash through rivers and be blown away by the breath-taking views of the Southern Alps and Franz Josef Glacier while riding your own quad bike or buggy on our Off-Road Adventure Tour. No experience is required, your guide will look after you throughout the tour and document your adventure with tour photos, we also provided all protective clothing and footwear and have secure storage for your personal belongings while we are adventuring.


These prices are for a adults please contact us for child rates


Single Quad/Buggy & Heli Hike $665

Double Quad/buggy & Heli Hike $1180